I’m Emily.

I have some beliefs that I want to share with you (no, not those kinds of beliefs….this isn’t that type of blog!)

  • I believe in Intentionality. I believe there is power in intentionally directing your thoughts, desires, hopes and beliefs towards what you want.
  • I believe in focusing on Strengths. I believe that taking the time and doing the work to understand what your strengths are, then emphasizing them and focusing on them in your daily life, will aide you in creating a fulfilling, joyful and effective life.
  • I believe seeking Joy in the Journey is vitally important. Learning to delight in our days, regardless of our challenges, trials and setbacks. Focusing on the joy, the good, instead of the negative and bad (which we ALL have) will produce more joy and goodness in our lives.
  • I believe in having an Abundance mentality. One of my mentors, Dr. Stephen Covey, is the first person who taught me about the Abundance mentality. Having an abundance mentality means you choose to believe there is more than enough for everyone. It takes courage to believe that you can have yours—and help others get theirs, and no one needs to take a loss.


I ask you to join with me as I take on the daily task of living out my beliefs.

My goal is to inspire and guide as many women {and men, I won’t discriminate!} to live out the above beliefs and create a life that is INTENTIONALLY designed.

Along with writing on this site, I spend a lot of time curating on Pinterest. I would love to share that with you and add value to your daily life!