My Favorite Quotes of the Week

I love to read.

And when I read, I always have a pen in my hand. And I mark up the books real good. After I finish reading a book, I go back and find all the passages I underlined and made notes about and transfer those passages and notes into a notebook. This notebook has become a pretty precious possession for me, it includes all of the thoughts that contribute to my growth.

For the past few weeks (really, ever since I discovered Canva…) I’ve wanted to put some of the quotes that have had a big impact on me onto a pretty background so I could use them as wallpaper on my phone, print them out and put them on the mirror etc. This week, I finally did it! {thank you “strict bed rest”}

So, here they are:

better world quote

God's gift to us

mediocre person

being average-john maxwell

What did you read this week that helped you grow? I would love to hear it!

Now go out there and Carpe that Diem. Make your life Extraordinary.

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