“Dreams are a projection of the life we wish to lead.” -Jim Rohn

Our lives are affected by many different factors. Just a few for your consideration: environment (parents, social circle, where we live, which schools we attend etc.) events, and even the knowledge we gain {or don’t gain } in our daily lives.

Yet none of the above factors have as much potential power for doing good as our dreams.

Jim Rohn-Dreams-2

How do you unharness the power of dreams?

You DEFINE them. A fuzzy future has little “pull” power.

“To really achieve your dreams, to really have your future plans pull you, your dreams must be VIVID.” -Jim Rohn

How do you define your dreams?

This is my all-time favorite subject: You intentionally design you life.

There are two ways to live your life: with anticipation or apprehension. Most people live life with apprehension…because they haven’t spent the time to design their life, to define their dreams! Instead, let’s live our lives with anticipation! Let’s plan our futures so it’s worth getting excited about! Let the future capture your dreams and imagination, so much so, that it creates a “pull” in your life!

Now how do you define your dreams? Well, one way is to spend time creating a vision board {I wrote about that here}. But the key to defining your dreams? TAKING THE TIME TO DO IT! Seriously, it will take time. But guess what…it’s REALLY FUN to take the time to define your dreams!!

I’d love for you to share your dreams with me!

Make your life extraordinary! Carpe that diem!!!

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