Inauguration Day

Today is inauguration day in the United Stated. I live in California, so this applies to me. But yet it doesn’t apply to me.

Inauguration day

The past 8 years have been the first time in my life I have been excited, thrilled, in love even, with the President of the United States. In previous Administrations, I was not engaged. Not involved. I didn’t care either way what happened, I wasn’t invested.

Barack Obama changed that for me. Because of him, I was able to buy my first home. Because of him, I got damn good health insurance that I wasn’t able to get previously. Because of him, I started a public charter school and watched it soar. Because of him, I learned that Leaders could be strong and soft, stern and kind. I am beyond grateful I lived in the time of President Barack Obama.

Today, a man was sworn into the Office of the President whom I do not trust, do not like and quite frankly, am embarrassed by. I know many MANY others share these same feelings. I don’t even need to quote some of the horrible things he has said in the past months, let alone years, you can find out by doing a simple “Donald Trump quotes” through any internet search engine. Plus, I don’t want to give his words anymore attention than they already get.

I do not enjoy getting political. To me, as my great mentor Stephen R. Covey has said, it is “outside of my circle of influence.” I voted for someone besides the man who is now in Office. That was the only part of this whole process that was INSIDE my circle influence. Now, it is all outside. So, this is a problem I cannot change. Letting myself concentrate on the fact that there is a man in the Office of the President that I do not support in any way just means I am using all of my precious energy on something I have no control over.

I am choosing to be aware of where I expend my energy. I will not waste my energy on things that I cannot control, I will apply my energy to be proactive in MY life. 

The time to be reactive is past. Today, is inauguration day.

It is now time to be proactive. Proactive in YOUR life. Proactive in YOUR circle of influence.

What do YOU influence on a daily basis? Your children? Your husband? Your co-workers? Definitely yourself.

Yes, it is inauguration day. And I do not support the man taking the oath.

But that is outside my Circle of Influence, so I choose to find a way to be proactive in my life instead of being reactive to the things outside of my control.

Join me.

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